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Best FFXIV Weaver Leveling Guide - Tips To Level Up Your FFXIV Weaver

Mon, January 17, 2011


Being a weaver is just one of the interesting and unique classes in Final Fantasy XIV, the latest and greatest multiplayer online role-playing game. In this Final Fantasy 14 weaver leveling guide you are going to learn some of the most powerful and important strategies that you need to employ in order to be able to get ahead in the game as quickly as possible. Don't get bogged down and frustrated: learn exactly what you need to do to master Final Fantasy XIV and the weaver class.

1. Weave Lots To Level Up

What may be different at first about Final Fantasy 14 is the fact that you earn experience points through crafting and making items related to your class; for example you can go about leveling up your weaver by weaving items. How simple is that? Simply dedicate part of your game time per day/week to weaving and crafting, and watch the experience points (and your level) go through the roof.

2. Don't Get Distracted

One thing that cannot be stressed enough in this Final Fantasy 14 weaver leveling guide is the concept of "sticking to your task". Whether you are killing monsters for XP, trying to earn gil, or crafting/weaving, do not get distracted with interacting with other players or wandering around aimlessly, unless doing so will help you to advance in the game. Remember that once you have reached level 50 you will be able to do whatever you want, so it is better to put in the hard work now and reap the rewards if you want to level up your weaver in Final Fantasy 14.

3. Progress Methodically Through The Game

Rather than accepting dozens of quests at once, exploring new areas all the time, and getting distracted by other things you really do need to progress quite methodically at the start of your game if you want to level up your weaver fast in Final Fantasy XIV. Don't bite off more than you can chew- instead you should focus on one quest at a time, one area at a time, and progress methodically.

4. Use A Final Fantasy 14 Level Up Plan

Due to the popularity and relative difficulty of Final Fantasy XIV there are now a number of in-depth leveling guides that also include complete "blueprints" for getting your weaver, or whatever other character, to level 50 in the shortest amount of time possible, and with the least amount of work. These professional leveling guides work for all classes and players, and some of them are well worth the small purchase price when compared to the time and effort you will save, as well as the frustration you will avoid.

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